Forever Cheese, importers of artisan cheese and accompaniments from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia, debuted in 1998. Founded by Michele Buster and Pierluigi Sini, who share a passion for great cheese, they wanted to bring the finest of the Mediterranean to an American audience. Every product they carry is personally hand-selected by Michele and Pierluigi, to ensure that it’s exceptional and meets their high standards. They sell many products under the brand name Mitica®, and pioneered many important products that are now integral to today’s market. Forever Cheese is an undeniable force in the market and they reach every corner of the US, offering the best of Mediterranean gastronomy.

In 2013, the Semi-cured Maxorata was introduced and since then, products such as Paprika Cured Maxorata and new references such as Alisios, Smokin´Goat y Cabra al Gofio have been introduced, being able to find them in such important places as Whole Foods, Murray´s Cheese o Central Market.


  • Target description
  • Opinion on our products, favourite products, features that catch the attention
  • Other products and beverages that you pair with our products.
  • Description of the shop/business, region, etc.
  • Anecdotes, stories, anything you would like to share with us

Your favorite products / reasons: We love our family of cheeses from the Canary Islands, as each is distinct in its own way!

Clients/Customers: Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Murray’s Cheese

Common pairings in the US:

Alisios: aMona Mojo Picón; alongside a tomato salad

Cabra al Gofio: Jamón Serrano

Maxorata: Fried Marcona almonds and rosé wine

Smokin’ Goat: Grilled cheese, omelets



  • SFFS: In 2019, we had the opportunity to have a table at Forever´s booth at the major food show in the US, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. Meeting their customers, checking their reactions to our products and sharing this time with Forever´s team was a very enriching experience.
  • Michael at Central Market: Michael, one of the salesman from Forever was doing a demo of our products in Texas when a woman approached him and explain him that she was a direct descendent of Canarians! In fact, in 1731 64 Canarians founded the city of San Antonio following the orders of the Spanish Crown to colonize Texas. The main altar of San Fernando Cathedral, the oldest Catholic cathedral in the US, keeps the Virgin of Candelaria, general patron of the Canary Islands. Between 1778 and 1783 around 2500 Canary islanders traveled to what was then the Spanish owned Louisiana territory to defend the recently acquired land from the British troops.