First goat’s cheese in Spain
to obtain the Designation
of Origin in 1996

The Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) is a European certificate that recognises a product of a superior quality due to the uniqueness of its raw material or of its preparation.

The prestige of our product lies in the quality of raw material used, milk from the Majorero goat, a native breed of Fuerteventura with exceptional genetic qualities, and it is carefully prepared with absolute respect for its artisanal tradition.


Fuerteventura, 1983.
The year of the beginning

Since then, our goal has been the hand-production of Majorero cheeses in line with new technologies, based on their differentiation through the unmistakable signs of quality and safety of our products. The result is a prestigious product that has inherited the aromas of the past, the flavour of its tradition with deep roots in the island’s history, and that fulfils the utmost guarantees of today’s consumers.


One of the most appreciated foods in Canary Islands cuisine

Majorero cheese is one of the most deep-rooted, appreciated and representative foods in Canary Islands cuisine, thanks to the quality of its raw material, milk from the native goats of Fuerteventura, and its careful preparation respecting its artisanal tradition.

The milk owes its quality to the Majorero goat, which has exceptional genetic qualities that have enabled it to adapt perfectly to the harshness of its environment with enviable fitness. As an island, Fuerteventura has kept the Majorero breed free of diseases that are commonplace in other continental species, and this is apparent in the quality of the milk, with a protein content of over 4% and a 4.7% fat content.

Farmers, our cornerstone

The best milks are produced only by the best farmers. Apart from its herd of over 3,000, Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura purchases goat’s milk production from over 30 farms in Fuerteventura, 16 farms in Lanzarote and one cattle farm in Gran Canaria.

Maxoagro, another company in the group that was established to support the sector, deals in the import and distribution of farm supplies to lower their costs, improve their production and increase the quality of their milk.