Receta del chef José Rojano


250g of lentils

25 g onion, 25 g pumpkin, 25 g courgette, 25 g leek, 25 g grated tomato, 25 g red pepper and 25 g carrot

2 tablespoons of olive oil

30 g of semi-cured Maxorata cheese and 30 g of grated cured cheese

30g of cream

Vegetables broth

Salt and pepper


Vinegar cream


Saute the vegetables with olive oil. Add the paprika and the lentils previously soaked for 6 hours. Moister with the vegetable broth and boil until the vegetables are done. Shred and pass through a masher.


For the cream cheese:

Boil the cream and then add the two types of grated cheese. Infuse. Rectify with salt and pepper. Strain through a fine filter and place in a siphon with two loads.


For the arrangement of the plate use some Martini glasses. At the base put the lentil cream and on top the cheese foam with the siphon. Finish decorating with a little paprika and vinegar cream



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